Let’s Help You Overcome Fear Of Rejection, Reconnect To Your Center, & Attract Your High-Quality Dream Girlfriend

(Without manipulating, lying, buying affections or being a jerk)

  • Do you meet women, think things are going well… but you just can’t seem to maintain it and they end up ghosting you?
  • Do you spend your birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s eve, Valentine’s day and other holidays wondering where your dream woman will come from, or if she’ll ever even appear?
  • Do you know that you’re a great guy with a lot to offer, but you get stuck in anxiety, analysis paralysis, and can’t show it to the women you really like?
  • Do you see other guys getting the woman you KNOW should be with you, and you have no idea what they’ve got that you don’t?
  • Are you spending WAY too many hours swiping right, going to bars or singles nights just trying to meet someone, only to spend yet ANOTHER Saturday night at home, alone by yourself?

I Know Exactly How You Feel - And It’s Not Your Fault!

Here’s Why We Are Different 

While most other dating companies focus on the surface level stuff, I like to dive deep at the root, and create transformation from within, so you can have real life results practically instantly.

Look, you can spend your time memorizing tactics and lines and funny anecdotes… But sooner or later, women will see through you.

Fake it til you make it is still faking it.

When you understand the fundamentals of creating an attractive lifestyle and being the effortlessly magnetic man you want to be, you can go out and feel light, free, knowing full well that your authentic self is your most attractive self.

Most guys spend their lives thinking “If I can just get the love, affection and relationship I want, then I’ll be happy” but they’ve got it all wrong…

It’s “If I can just be happy, then I’ll get the love, affection and relationship I want”.

Because what quality woman doesn’t want to be with an awesome guy who knows who he is, respects himself, has a vision for his life, and knows how to make her feel great? 

Sound too good to be true? 

Dear former 'nice guy'...

Attention Ambitious, Success-Minded Men


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I’m Pat, founder of the Magnetic Man Blueprint, and I’m on a mission to help great guys reinvent themselves as attractive and compelling men, so they can get a stunning girlfriend in just a matter of weeks  - and my system is designed to help you do just that!

Here Are Just Some Of The Amazing Guys We've Helped Get Their Dream Girl 

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I’m helping great guys who want to become attractive to women, meet ‘the one’, get an awesome girlfriend and build a fulfilling lifestyle. 

With this free 1on1 Dating Mastermind call, we will literally reinvent you from the inside out and transform you into a charming, seductive and magnetic man at record speed… RESULTS GUARANTEED!

Full disclosure: If we get along and both feel you’re a good fit, I may invite you to join my flagship mentoring program. 

Don’t worry - I plan on jam-packing this free session with SO much practical value you’ll be dying to join this program… But if not, that’s totally fine too.

You still get to keep the plan we work on, and I promise this will be the best 45 minutes you ever spend on yourself.

The catch is this is NOT for everyone!

This Call is for you ONLY if you: 

  • You’re a GOOD man, who LOVES women, and has the OTHER AREAS (CAREER, FRIENDS, ETC) handled.
  • You are SERIOUS about finding an incredible girlfriend.
  • You want more HIGH QUALITY women and friends in your life.
  • You want a STEP BY STEP BLUEPRINT to guide you every step of the way.
  • You have the DRIVE, COMMITMENT, AND INTEGRITY to take directions and apply no matter how tough it gets.
  • You want to learn not only how to meet more women and attract them but EXACTLY how to turn casual encounters into amazing long-term relationships. 
  • You want to create the DREAM LIFE you know you deserve.
  • You are willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO BE SUCCESSFUL! No excuses.

If this sounds like you, apply below to secure your spot! (While you still can)

Note: This is NOT for you if you are resentful of women, live in your parents’ basement, or just want to get laid.

If you’re struggling to meet women, attract women, running out of things to say, have dates that go nowhere, or get phone numbers that ghost you, you need a step by step proven system and this call is ESPECIALLY for you!

The best part is that you won’t be alone… WE WILL DO THIS TOGETHER!


To your success brother,

Pat Ananda

Founder & Head Honcho

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